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CL!CK Fone provides click-to-call connecting service
CL!CK SMS provides interactive SMS messaging over the web.
CL!CK Conference is a multi-party audio conference facility on the web.
CL!CK Broadcast provides premium SMS broadcasting facility with reliable delivery.
CL!CK Messenger has instant messaging and enquiry notification services.
CL!CK SMSPoll is a SMS broadcasting services with sms replies collation capability.
Some of our customers:
SMS Broadcasting SMS Hotline

SMS broadcasting facility lets you send bulk SMS via our web portal. It has an option for collating SMS replies too.

You may use it on marketing, announcement, reminders, invitation and others to save you time and money.

Contact us for more details.

SMS hotline service gives you a mobile number where you can receive SMS from your customers and reply to them at our web portal.

It is an interactive and precise way for call center, customer service, helpdesk, telemarketer and others to serve their customers.

Contact us for more details.
SMS Campaign Call Broadcasting

SMS campaign facility allows you to receive SMS from phone user for marketing campaign, promotion or event.

User experience for SMS campaign is customizable and comprehensive reporting is provided.

Contact us for more details.

This service uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology. To do a mass call broadcasting with personalized voice message is now a breeze

Use this for emergency recall or reminder that requires user acknowlegement and assurance of delivery.

Contact us for more details.
CL!CK Button
What it does?

CL!CK button is a "Contact me" link for people to contact you by Live Chat, Phone call, SMS, Skype or Email.

It replaces your distributed contact addresses on your website, email and blog with a single personalized, and proactive icon.

Here is a CL!CK button where you can try and reach us.


For Who?

Choose one of the following that best describe you to see how our CL!CK button can benefits you.

Property Agent
Call Center
Online Store
Social Networking Portal
Yellow Pages/ Online Directory
Member Login
Latest News

Use our HTTP Application Programming Language (API) to send SMS from your apps. Your apps may also use our SMS account credentials.

You may send a message up to 5 SMS, equates to 760 English characters or 330 Chinese/Unicode characters.

SMS services support English,  Chinese and other unicode-based languages.

CL!CK LiveChat is now available for both enterprises and call centers.